Why do we slow down our actions during the green season?

You may be wondering why we haven’t been giving a lot of news for 3-4 months? Why have there been fewer posts on Facebook, fewer pictures or blog posts on the progress about the building of the computing room? Why we answered to your many mails saying that it was not possible to volunteer or visit the school site this summer. You will understand our reasons ...

Laos is a tropical country with 3 seasons.

From June to October, it is the period of the green season, in other words the rainy season. And this year, it started in May ... It's not as bad as we think in Europe, we are very far from monsoon as in India. It does not rain 24 hours a day, nor every day for 4 months. Most of the time, it’s dry during the day, with some intense rains mostly on night time. There are also thunderstorms accompanied by heavy rains, intense but short.

This is enough to force our association to stop charity actions on the fiels for a few months. The dirt tracks in the mountains are transformed quickly, from one day to the next, in very dangerous and very slippery terrain or mud bath impossible to cross. Thus, if by chance we manage to reach the village at the top, we don’t know if we could come down the day after or two days later.

When the rains become very heavy, the water flowing from the mountain becomes torrential and sometimes destroy the tracks. They dig deep ruts, cause landslides and huge holes. Thus, access to villages becomes impossible for vehicles. The inhabitants of the summits live isolated for several weeks.

To make our humanitarian actions happen again on field, it is necessary to wait for the end of the heavy rains so that the villagers can repair the tracks and the mud dry up.

Here is a picture of the track leading to the village of Ban Vieng Hine, where we build the computing room. Impressing, right ?

During this period, we remain of course in contact with the village by telephone to know if they are going well, to get news about the computing room building site, to know if the track is accessible again, ...

Even if access to the school is impossible during a part of the year, it is possible for you to help us 365 days a year. Whether it’s by bringing school supplies, making a donation, or even just by talking about our association around you, any participation is welcome. We are counting on you to bring this project to completion.

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