Our humanitarian association is ready to send the first teaching volunteers in the village.

You had the chance to follow the construction of the computing room in a small Hmong village. After 15 months, it’s finally complete ! The purpose of this project is to offer courses to children in remote villages who do not have access to, widening the possibilities for their future life. By the beginning of May 2019, 4 young volunteers prepared their departure on mission. They will teach English and computer science for two weeks in the Hmong village where the construction of the computer room has just been completed.

Final preparation before the departure of the volunteers teaching the lao village

Our four French volunteers left this Monday, May 06, 2019 towards the village of Ban Vieng Hine, located 3 hours drive northeast of Luang Prabang. Our trainee Morgan, student at IAE Bordeaux will join the three members of the Lille student association "Help 'N Solidarity" to teach the village's children and adults English and computer science.

Before leaving, many things had to be prepared. After receiving the computer equipment, it was necessary to prepare the it by installing the right softwares, anti-virus, and other applications allowing a simple, fun and effective learning of different computer tools.

Our team has also created a program for students who have never seen a computer in their life. There are 88 children and 22 adults in total.

In addition to computer equipment, our team will bring school supplies, clothing, toothbrushes and children's board games to the village. A part of it was brought by the association "Help 'N Solidarity" and the rest are individual donations collected during recent months.

What is the teaching curriculum for this first mission ever ?

Thanks to playful software, the kids will learn how to use for the first time in their lives a keyboard and a mouse. Then, they will learn about word processing on Microsoft Word and how to use Paint. Students will also be introduced to English through these different activities, requiring the learning of a basic vocabulary. We will also try to raise awareness about ecology and waste sorting.

A total of 3 lessons per day will be given: two during the day for children, and another in the evening for adults, each session lasting an hour and a half.

How will be the volunteers' life in the Hmong village ?

Our volunteers, Laura, Victor, Louis and Morgan; who will represent our association Children of Laos during this mission, will be hosted in the village from 06 to 16 May 2019.

It is in a common dormitory that they will live this experience out of time, in simple living conditions. Small, slightly elevated benches, hidden under large mosquito nets, will replace their modern beds. In the absence of running water, and therefore hot water, it is in a small hut and with the help of water from the river or rain that they will wash during these few days.

They will share their daily meals during these two weeks with the Hmong inhabitants, former Chinese semi-nomadic people. There will be some taste adjustments to make :)

Their role will also be to film and photograph the life in the village, to take portraits of local people, men, women and children; but also to conduct interviews. All this content will make possible to write many articles on our website and share this experience with you.

Following the come-back of our volunteers from this first humanitarian mission, we will use their report on this experience to create courses and an educational program that is long-term efficient and fitted to the local people.

Our goal is to make possible more and more recurrent missions of this kind to encourage the education of remote Laotian people and to offer them the opportunity to choose a different future but agricultural work in rice paddies. Do not hesitate to contact us by email, or to donate online if you would like to help us and support our initiatives.

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