Meet Sia, a young girl from a Hmong tribe

Sia is a young woman living in Ban Pha Yong, a small mountain village located 3 hours drive from Luang Prabang. She has just turned 18 and stopped school very young - at 10yo - to help her parents. During the day, she cultivates the fields of rice, millet and takes care of the garden. His favourite season is the dry season (November to April) as it is the best time to work outdoors. In the village, Sia takes care of the homestay rooms and helps to prepare the meals. These are two of these favourite activities because she enjoys cooking and meet strangers who come to rest after their trek. When asked if she has ever travelled, she shyly replies that she has been to a village in the neighbouring province of Oudomxay once: Muang Houn. She has never really left her native village. The big cities like Luang Prabang or Vientiane are still unknown to her, but she would like to go there one day.

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