2018 - Project : Creation of a computing school in a Hmong ethnic village in Laos - Step 1

Site analysis, Ban Vieng Hine village, Hmong & Khamus tribes


Ban Vieng Hine village is located in Northern Laos, nearby the city of Nongkhiaw, in the Luang Prabang Province. It is 140km far from Luang Prabang, which is approximately 3 hours and half driving time during dry season.

The village is located at the very end of a steep 30km trail going up in the mountains. During the humid season, you this path is not practicable by standard vehicles, but still local trucks called « tak-tak » can use it easily. At the top of the mountain, Ban Vieng Hine is surrounded by rice fields and jungle. The main incomes for the inhabitants come from agriculture and breeding animals such as buffalos and pigs.


The village is quite an important one as there are more than 1000 inhabitants living in it. It is composed of two ethnic groups: The Hmong (whom are a majority) and the Khamu. 224 children go to the primary school and kindergarten of the village. The older ones go to a high school located in another village 10km far down the mountains.

Site analysis, village school - existing premise

Several NGO and humanitarian programs have already improved the village development through different actions. - Installation of a non-drinkable water network in the village, dedicated to the shared premises and certain houses - Installation of electricity supply, dedicated to shared premises and certain houses - Building of 5 class rooms (still it’s not sufficient considering the number of students) - Building of few small huts to develop the kids’ curiosity through different handicraft workshops and discussions with the elders.


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