2018 - Project : Creation of a computer school in a Hmong ethnic village in Laos - Step 2


The aim of the project is to widen the field of learning school programs adding the teaching of foreign languages but also computing tools. Nowadays, it has become compulsory for kids who want to get a job in big cities and therefore help their families left in the village to be English speaking and to master computing.

The goal of this project is to give to the village’s kids the same tools as the ones who have been educated in the cities so as they can reach equal job opportunities. The aim is to train the children in primary school as well as the teachers so as they become autonomous (we will provide a long term follow-up, a constant knowledge’s update, and the furniture maintenance). Time going, the school will get known by the people nearby and this will be the opportunity to give extra courses to the kids coming from surrounding villages.

PROGRAM - COMPUTING ROOM - 15 Computers, 22 students

Our aim is to build a computing room equipped with 15 stations: 14 for the students + 1 for the teacher, with the opportunity for 2 students to work on the same station.

The sketch of the computing room is based on a standard model of a Laotian classroom. This provides more flexibility when integrating it in the existing school, and also leaves several options for a potential long term reconversion. We are also looking for making the building stage as easy as possible for local workers by using local construction material and methods. We have also taken in account the construction standards regarding to earthquakes, hurricanes, etc…

Sketch of the computer room :

- Maximum capacity: 22 students

- Dimensions: 8 x 7 mx H 5,38 m

- Number of floor: 1

- Floor area: 39.40 m² (6.8 x 5.8 m) + 14 m² open terrace (2 x 7 m)

- Total area of the windows and doors: 10,50 m² (25% of floor area)

Reminder : First financial estimation of the construction stage

This financial estimation includes the structural work, the finishing work, the costs of managing the construction of the project and the taxes (supplies of tables, chairs, board, air conditioning, computers are not included)



For the moment, we have raised 25% of the expected amount thanks to donations through our online fundraising campaign (helloasso website)

The Off Road Laos Adventures agency sponsors this project regarding the logistic aspect as well as the financing one. The French company named BATISAFE, located within the region of Lyon, will send several of its employees on the school’s site to help the building. This seminar will be held in May 2018 for a length of 1 week.

In the meantime, we also receive computer hardware donations to equip the school. For the moment, 6 computers have been sent by David J.

Location of the project

The association has a long-term and serious relationship with local authorities, and we elaborate this project according to the needs and wills of local inhabitants. The head of the village, as well as the school principal, are very enthusiast in making this project take shape. All the legal official documents for the building have been signed and approved by the authorities (20 February 2018).

On the 20th of February 2018, all the members of the association met the local authorities (head of the village, his deputy, school principal, and his deputy) on site to determine the precise location of the school. We made measurements and marked the precise location on the floor.

The integration of this room takes into account the global scheme of the school. It is located within the area of buildings sheltered by a natural tree barrier. The computing building will respect the shape made by the two existing wooden buildings and will set the side limit of the school central court, where local ceremonies and dance shows are held. This way, the windy parts of the land will be left free from buildings offering a nice playground for kids.


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