How to make a donation to our association?

We receive a lot of emails from generous people willing to make a material donation to our association. Clothes, glasses, school furniture such as notebooks, pens, books ... all these things are very helpful for children in Laos. That's why, we decided to talk about how you can help us wherever you live.

I would like to give school furniture or clothes to Laos.

There are 4 main ways to do so:

- Sending the parcel to our association in France

When French members come to visit us in Laos, they can bring a portion of the gifts with them in a suitcase. The address to send them your donation is: Alice Sionneau, 30 rue des Bateliers, 93400 Saint-Ouen

- Sending the parcel to our offices in Luang Prabang is not the best solution.

Regarding the shipping chain, nothing is no more secure than a standard package using a shipper such as DHL. On the other hand, you should know that each kilo is expensive and you may change your mind when receiving the shipping price. Indeed, if the costs were not so expensive, we could have already received a large amounts of donations from Europe and Lao children would have been delighted for all that. We also tried to look for a boat shipping, the kilos of school equipment and clothes arrived in a port in southern Thailand, then they were carried for 2 days by truck to the Laotian border. This is where the taxes are paid for importation even if they are second-hand clothes or material for humanitarian purposes. For customs, it's still import and the country lives mainly on import taxes. Laos, being mainly rural, produces and exports only a few things (raw materials).

- Bring your donation with you in your suitcases during a trip to Laos and give them to us when you visit Luang Prabang. In general, it is possible to take 30 or 32 kg of checked baggage + 7 or 10 kg with you in the cabin. If you save a small room in your suitcases to bring us laptops and second hand clothes, school equipment ... we will welcome you with pleasure and coffee, in our office in Luang Prabang. In addition to that, it frees up space to bring back souvenirs after your trip!

- Buy stuff directly in Laos during your trip.

You can then drop it at our office in Luang Prabang, again we will welcome you warmly. Or, if you are traveling with a travel agency, you can donate your stuff by yourself to a village school. Be aware that there is a protocol to make a donation in order to avoid the development of begging in rural areas of the country. To learn more about this subject, read this article.

I would like to support you with by giving you money

We have created a crowdfunding campaign on the internet to collect your generous donations: see the fundraising. Payment is made by credit card and it is secure. This fundraising campaign helps building a computing room in a Hmong village of northern Laos. Once the room is finished, we will set up English and computing courses, that will help motivated children to acquire the basics that have become essential for getting a job in the cities. Whether it’s 5 euros or 200 euros, all donations are welcome. We only can keep on progressing thanks to you. We are all volunteers and the association currently works 100% based on your donations.

Do not hesitate to contact us by email if you want to help us and support our initiatives. Or, if you have solidarity projects to come with, in connection with our actions.

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